Crystal Healing

photo-death valley     Most crystals have grown deep within the earth, being nurtured over millions of years.  True crystals have one of six specific internal atomic structures that give them their characteristics.  Quartz, amethyst, ruby and turquoise are just four of the many I work with.

     Other things that are used in crystal healing are, for example, lapis lazuli, amber, jet and shell.  Technically, none of these are crystals but all work organically and vibrationally, the same as their crystal counterparts.

     Crystals hold a vibrational frequency that resonates with our own and may help us to find a balance in our lives.  This balance can occur physically, emotionally, psychologically or spiritually.  Often, people find that when one area is addressed, other areas feel the benefit.

     Just like people, each crystal’s energy is different, even if some look identical.  It is my responsibility to tune in to the client to get a sense of what their system needs most while they are with me, sense what treatment techniques are needed and then get a feel for which crystals should be used.  I never work with crystals just because books say they are right.  Treatments are generally given with the client lying down, however this isn't necessary.  I place crystals either on or near the client, monitoring them constantly so I know that I am giving a safe treatment.  It is important to listen to what I feel the client’s system is telling me, otherwise I am working according to my needs and not theirs.  If it is asking not to have a treatment for any reason, I need to listen to that, too, and will use the rest of the session in a different way.

     I always offer the chance of distant healing in between sessions if a client feels in need.  This is given free of charge.

     There is no guarantee with any therapy that “it will work” and it is frequently true that in complementary therapy people often experience things they didn’t expect to.  But generally, people are pleasantly surprised.  The length of time it takes to see results depends entirely upon the client, including their personal circumstances and the origins of whatever issues are responding to treatment. 

    Clients’ safety and comfort are primary, and I always allow them to ask questions or mention things if they feel the need.  They can also ask to have the treatment stopped if they do not wish to carry on with it for any reason, however this is very rare and my clients usually leave feeling more relaxed and positive.

     I am ACHO Registered and abide by the Code of Conduct at all times.

     Crystal healing treatments cost £50 for 1 hour and £70 for 90 minutes.