My Story



      I began my journey on the healing path in Virginia Beach back in 1992.  I was visiting my cousin who was training to be a Holotropic Breathwork facilitator.  She told me I could either take part in this weird and amazing healing practice I had never heard of or sunbathe on the beach for a few hours.  I chose the former and it opened my eyes to a whole new world.  I took part in another couple of these, on a much bigger scale with its originator Stanislav Grof, a founder of the field of transpersonal psychology and founding president of the International Transpersonal Association.  I realised I was able to access the deepest memories and most hidden parts of myself and it set the ball rolling.

     My journey with Reiki began at a Mind, Body Spirit Exhibition with an unimpressive taster session.  However, when I received the programme for the next exhibition, I opened it to see an advert for Reiki courses and just knew I was meant to do this.  I phoned the college for an application form, but received one from a school I’d never heard of.  I trusted my instincts and in May 1997 I began my learning with The Reiki School, finally becoming attuned as a Master by Liz Gale in 1999. 

     My crystal journey started around the time of my Reiki I attunement and again I relied on my intuition.  I visited an exhibition stand that sold wonderful crystals but I didn’t warm to the man selling them and I left, grabbing a leaflet about their college courses.  I then bought a book about crystals and the chakras and something clicked: even though I’d never felt energy from crystals, I booked a place with the International College of Crystal Healing.  Along the way, I discovered that the man I hadn't warmed to was a terrific healer, teacher and mentor with a great sense of humour.  Had I liked him on first sight, I would never have picked up their leaflet and begun my journey in this way.  I'm so glad the universe has fun with us.  I qualified as a practitioner in 2002.

     I know what it’s like to suffer with psychological and emotional challenges.  Although psychotherapy helped greatly, it was through Reiki and crystal healing that I came to like myself and realised I did deserve to be alive.  Along the way, I have encountered many other benefits.

     I discovered Cranio-Sacral Therapy in 2002, and after my first session decided it was so amazing I wanted to do it.  Ten years later, I trained with the College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy in London.  It was an intense process that connected me with many things I hadn’t yet been able to deal with or understand.  I love how you can listen to, and communicate with, the body in so many different ways, how gentle it is and how deeply the body responds.  I will never cease to be amazed by CST and feel privileged to practise it.

     I love music, and feel I have a fairly eclectic taste.  I firmly believe that music has an integral place in our lives.  There are so many genres and any one piece of music has the power to move us and make us feel so many different things.  It is something each of us can be passionate about.  But I appreciate it all the more having learned something about the science of it.  I have trained in Sound Therapy with the School for Inner Sound, but have yet to qualify.  For this reason, I do not charge for my services at the moment.  I need to practise on people in order to get my qualification, so anyone who would like to try this amazing therapy can email me to discuss it further and I will be happy to help you discover the healing power of sound.  You can still take part if you are hearing impaired.

     I only ever work in the way I feel is right for my client at any one time; I try at all times to listen to my instincts and feelings, because only then can I give the client what they really need for their greatest good.