Cranio-Sacral Therapy


 photo-cst    Cranio-Sacral Therapy, or CST, is a gentle, non-invasive practice that reaches deep within the body, connecting with every part of us including bones, fascia, organs and fluids.  It is based upon the motion and rhythms of the cerebro-spinal fluid that surrounds the brain and spine and influence the whole body’s system. 

     I begin by silently introducing myself to the client’s system to gain its trust.  It sounds whacky but somehow the body settles down after that, and allows me to feel and listen to what’s going on inside.  In this way, I can connect to the subtlest sensations that may hold the keys to many things, such as tension, blockages, illness, behavioural or addictive patterns and old injuries.  CST gives the body the freedom to respond and heal in the way it wants to.  It is a very rewarding therapy, and the gentler the treatment the more powerful it seems to be.  Many people find themselves drawn to CST when their issues haven’t been resolved through other means.

     This is one therapy that works especially well with babies and children, and treatments can be given from the moment of birth onwards.  I have seen a variety of childhood conditions and birth anomalies be effectively relieved.  It can also work well on babies while they are still in the womb, and many pregnant women have found treatments beneficial.

     In adults, there are many, many conditions that can benefit from CST and those which may benefit most are the persistent and long term ones that haven’t found satisfactory improvement.  As with any therapy there are no hard-line guarantees, but CST often finds a favourable response more quickly, possibly due to how the body can take part in its own healing.

     I am able to work off the body, for people who do not like to be touched.

     There is no guarantee with any therapy that “it will work” and it is frequently true that in complementary therapy people often experience things they didn’t expect to.  But generally, people are pleasantly surprised.  The length of time it takes to see results depends entirely upon the client, including their personal circumstances and the origins of whatever issues are responding to treatment. 

    Clients’ safety and comfort are primary, and I always allow them to ask questions or mention things if they feel the need.  They can also ask to have the treatment stopped if they do not wish to carry on with it for any reason, however this is very rare and my clients usually leave feeling more relaxed and positive.

     Cranio-sacral treatments cost £50 for 1 hour and £70 for 90 minutes.