Sound Therapy

photo-tuningforks     This type of sound therapy involves the use of precision-made aluminium tuning forks set at pure 5ths and sounded in pairs using different patterns.  More precise than the perfect 5ths found in regular music, the pure 5th is found within the human voice and therefore is recognised more easily by the system.  The lowest sound is based on physicist Winfried Schumann’s Earth Cavity Resonance and vibrates two octaves above this at a frequency of 31.46Hz, so the human ear can hear it.

     Our brainwaves resonate at different frequencies, according to what we are doing: these are beta, alpha, theta and delta.  The sound is carried through our bodies and each part of our body responds to the frequencies and patterns in its own way.  For instance, did you know that heavy bass sounds activate the adrenal glands?  Think of how your body reacts to a high pitch compared to a low one, or a flute compared to a drum. 

     Inner Sound therapy creates expansion or contraction within our systems that can integrate and/or release blocked and trapped emotions, which may cause physical, psychological and emotional problems.  Different sound vibrations produce different effects within the system.  Used in a particular way, these can harmonise, organise, regulate and balance.  With the motifs developed by Arden Wilken, they can focus on many issues.  While most therapies rely more heavily on the intuition of the practitioner, Inner Sound therapy also encourages the clients to be more proactive and choose that issues they want worked on, whatever they may be.

     There is no guarantee with any therapy that “it will work” and it is frequently true that in complementary therapy people often experience things they didn’t expect to.  But generally, people are pleasantly surprised.  The length of time it takes to see results depends entirely upon the client, including their personal circumstances and the origins of whatever issues are responding to treatment. 

    Clients’ safety and comfort are primary, and I always allow them to ask questions or mention things if they feel the need.  They can also ask to have the treatment stopped if they do not wish to carry on with it for any reason, however this is very rare and my clients usually leave feeling more relaxed and positive.

     I am looking for paricipants to work with me as I prepare for my Sound Therapy qualification and will be grateful for your contribution. I do not charge at present as I am not currently insured.  You will have free treatments and feel great afterwards, so you can’t lose.  Everyone who has tried it so far has thoroughly enjoyed it, and your help will be much appreciated.  Good hearing isn’t important, so everyone is welcome.