Intensive Healing Session

Open yourself to your own nature     

     This is more than a healing treatment; it is a 3-hour session tailored to suit the individual client. It involves any or all of the therapies I practise and can also include meditation, guided pathworking, movement, colour and sound. It is structured more in the form of a workshop to allow greater client participation and a deeper healing experience than a regular treatment.

     This is not recommended for anyone who is not used to holistic therapy as even a regular treatment can be powerful and 3 hours might feel overwhelming to a newcomer. However, it is perfect for those who are used to energy work and feel they need or would like to have a more profound and immersive healing experience.

     For anyone I have not seen before, I would recommend having a conversation and possibly a regular treatment with me first.

     Please wear comfortable clothing and bring layers as your body temperature may fluctuate. Please also try not to eat heavily beforehand as you will feel more comfortable if you aren't feeling full. Water will be provided.

     Session is from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. but can be adjusted if necessary.

     Price: £125