Crystal Licentiate Course


Duration: 8 days, taken as 4 weekends

Venue and dates to be decided

Cost : £395 with £50 to be paid on application (refundable at tutor’s discretion) and a further £50 to be paid no later than two weeks prior to commencement.  The rest is paid over the first three weekends.




Students should bring their own lunches and water, however refreshments for tea breaks will be provided. 

Please wear something comfortable and flexible.  You may feel you want to wear layers, as a change in body temperature is not uncommon during healing treatments and meditation.

You should bring notepaper and pens, although some handouts are given during the course.

Students can expect to learn:

  • Further healing techniques
  • Deeper meditation techniques
  • Awareness of the senses
  • Further understanding of the aura
  • Further understanding of the chakras
  • Chakra healing with crystal sets
  • Use of pendulums for crystal healing
  • Introduction to grid lines
  • Distant healing
  • Practice etiquette and client questionnaires
  • When a crystal is not a crystal
  • Crystal profiles
  • Code of Conduct

This course is the first real step to becoming a practitioner.  You will feel your intuition and ability to sense energies step up greatly from the Foundation Course as your knowledge becomes deeper and techniques become more complex.  At this stage, you will truly feel like you are on an incredible journey. 

To apply for a place on this course, please download and fill in the VCH Course Application Form.