Reiki 1st Degree


Duration: 9 hours’ tuition over two days, plus four weeks’ progress work at home

Venue and dates to be decided

Cost : £125, with £50 to be paid on application (refundable at tutor’s discretion).




Students should bring their own lunches and water, however refreshments for tea breaks will be provided. 

Please wear something comfortable and flexible.  You may feel you want to wear layers, as a change in body temperature is not uncommon during healing treatments and meditation.

You may wish to bring notepaper and pens, although each student will receive a full hand-out at the start of the course.

On the course, you will receive the attunements required in order to become a Reiki 1st Degree practitioner.  Among other things, you will also learn:

  • The history of Reiki
  • How to give a treatment
  • Dr. Usui’s five ethical principles
  • What Ch’i is
  • The human chakra system
  • The aura
  • Yin and Yang
  • Practice etiquette

At Reiki 1st Degree you can give treatments to family, friends and, most especially, yourself.  This is the start of a fascinating journey that will enhance your natural ability to heal and strengthen your intuitive nature.

To apply for a place on this course, please download and fill in the VCH Course Application Form.